006 Adam Collett: Kingdom Calling


10415636_10152954119872995_3599417959607788462_nAdam Collett is an Australian singer/songwriter with a direct connection to spirit. Demonstrating a wide vocal range and impressive finger-picking/strumming combinations on the guitar, Adam is bringing devotional songs into a genre otherwise filled with love songs and pop covers.

Finding inspiration in the natural beauty and the people of his homeland of Australia, Adam Collett is actively working to support and promote youth development, the sacred arts and environmental rights. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to get Adam into the studio during his brief holiday trip to the U.S.

Enjoy Adam’s music!

005 Nacho Arimany: Elemental Sounds and Rhythms


For thousand of years indigenous cultures have understood the profound effect that the rhythmic patterns and sounds of nature have on our well-being. This eternal pulse of life is woven throughout nature, from our own DNA to the galaxies, making it the source of deep transformation and healing.

Nacho Arimany is a musical innovativor who has developed a system for quickly learning to playing complex rhythms and a therapeutic listening program used in institutions nationwide.

In this interview with Sound World Radio’s AJ Block Nacho discusses his origins as a child classical stage performer, his road to percussion through flamenco rhythms and his framework and technique for brain function enhancement, a rhythm and vocal training system called Elemental Sounds and Rhythms.

As an added bonus, Nacho and AJ perform live in studio on voice, percussion and didgeridoo.

Visit Nacho at www.nachoarimany.com

Nacho Arimany leads a 2-day Elemental Sounds and Rhythms workshop with Sacred Arts Research Foundation in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (NYC) on December 13-14, 2014.

004 Skytree and “Cirrus Sapiens”


Skytree, aka Evan Snyder, is an electronic music producer and performer known, in part, for his use of sampled words from spiritually awakened individuals and his grand collaborative projects. His new album “Cirrus Sapiens” (or ‘Cloud People’) is a concept album created in collaboration with several guest producers, sonic archives and instrumentalists over the past two years.

Skytree started recording music at the age of 15, after the loan of a beaten Tascam tape recorder cracked open the world of multi-track production. Rough mix tapes followed, looping degraded swatches of guitar, field recordings and keys over cheap drum machines. After 3 years of tape manipulation, several friends finally convinced Evan to step into computer-based production, while maintaining a deep connection to external, analog sound.

Cirrus Sapiens is Skytree’s fifth full length album. Listen to the full album here:

Skytree shares the bill with Bluetech on July 24 at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.

Visit Skytree on the web at http://www.skytree-music.com/

003 John Lockley: South African Sangoma Shamanism


131203_JOHN_LOCKLEY_bless&talk_THUMBAccording to John’s Xhosa elders in the Eastern Cape, John Lockley is one of the first white men, in recent history, to become a fully initiated Sangoma in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa – the tribe that gave us Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Sangomas receive guidance (through dreams and trance) from ancestors in the spirit world, in order to heal and guide the community. Sangomas are South African Shamans, meaning seers, dreamers or prophets – the traditional healers of Africa.

In this episode we speak to John about the global emergence of Shamanism and establishing respect for indigenous traditions and ancient ways.

John Lockley leads workshops worldwide sharing the Xhosa ways. He is leading a workshop in New York City on May 17 and 18 at Golden Drum.

Visit John Lockley on the web at http://www.johnlockley-sangoma.com/

002 Srikalogy’s “New Paradigm”


srikalogy - new paradigm album coverThis inside look at Srikalogy‘s album “New Paradigm” explores the nature of collaboration and the use of sound for upliftment. Inspired by the sounds of ancient India and the modern Brooklyn where he grew up, Srikalogy shares with us his insights into the creative process and the value of community.

Srikala Kerel Roach is an emcee, DJ, producer, kirtan leader, percussionist and community leader. His music incorporates dub, hip hop, reggae, world beats, and sacred mantras.  His mission is to uplift, open hearts, and move bodies.

Growing up in the streets of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, NYC, and being the son of West Indian parents, Srikala naturally gained a deep love for listening to and creating hip hop, R&B, dub, and reggae music.  Influenced by his mother, who always had a variety of styles in the tape deck, his musical palette expanded as he aged, incorporating various styles of music such as  rock, blues, pop and jazz.  At the age of 18, life led him to set aside the world and live as a monk for 6 years, where he studied the science of transcendental sound vibration in the Bhakti tradition.

Transitioning from monastic life and into the world, Srikala trained in audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City and began releasing albums in the Fall of 2011.  In the last three years, he released four albums and has worked in collaboration with many amazing artists around the world, including EarthRise SoundSystem. He plays regularly with jazz funk fusion band “The Flowdown,”  and is consistently producing conscious nightlife events in NYC with Unitribe. “New Paradigm” is on the Black Swan record label. In all of Srikala’s expressions of sound, he seeks to bring a message of hope, inspiration, and joy to the mass population. Visit Srikalogy on the web at srikalogy.com

001 Silvia Nakkach: The Art of Spiritual Melodicism


140319_SILVIA_NAKKACH_THUMBThe Sound World Podcast series features luminaries from the world of sound and music for health and wellness. My guest for our first episode is Silvia Nakkach, a distinguished music psychotherapist, recording artist, and composer and she is one of the driving forces behind the education of Sound and Music Healing worldwide.

Silvia developed her voice throughout 30 years of devotional study with Indian Classical Music teacher Ali Akbar Khan. She is the founder and director of Vox Mundi Project, an international organization devoted to teaching and preserving the richness of indigenous and sacred musical traditions, with centers throughout the USA, Brazil, Argentina, India, and Japan.

Silvia created the first program on Sound and Music Healing and is on the faculty and in advisory roles in the field’s two largest programs in America: The Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Certificate Program at the California Insitute for Integrative Studies in San Francisco and The Sound and Music Institute at the New York Open Center.

For Silvia’s full bio visit her home on the web, voxmundiproject.com.